Friday, July 13, 2012

Derby Extravaganza with screening of Derby Baby

Saturday July 14th Wasatch Roller Derby hosts the DERBY DERBY DERBY EXTRAVAGANZA! 
A day long Roller Derby event filled with classes, scrimmages, and special screening of the new derby documentary Derby Baby! Check out the movie trailer and schedule below! See you there!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BDD vs HW Hometeam Bout Recap

Photo by O'Durgy

Recap by Penny Slain
Photos Thanks to Jason Santti

Saturday June 9th, the Black Diamond Divas faced off against the Hotwheelers to defend their title as home team champions. The Divas had trumped Hotwheelers in the past two home team bouts so the ladies in red were hungry for their chance at victory. 

Both teams were confident in their rosters and line-ups; both were eager for the win. It was clear from the first jam that the game would be close. Jammers from each side were challenged against stiff back-walls and thick defensive recycling. 

HW blocker Gunnin’ Geisha, infamous for her jammer takedowns, was a crowd favorite repeatedly hitting and knocking Diva jammers out of bounds. 

Jammers Nike A Go-Go, Clam Jammer, and Veronica Tastrophe for the Hotwheelers, and Bunz Bunny, Punch Face Mama, and Stache Bot for the Divas were able to score few points in the first half. With five minutes left in the half the score was tied at 41 points. 

Soon Divas filled their penalty box granting Hotwheelers a power jam in the last minutes of the half. 

Photo by O'Durgy

HW jammer Penny Slain scored an easy 19-point jam with a little help from her friends, leaving the Divas with an over 20-point deficit. 

Halftime featured a 15-minute UMRD green and white scrimmage. Extremely hard hits sending men into the crowd along with a melee of falls, jumps, spins, and pile-ups kept the fans cheering for more. Uinta is preparing to travel to Boise, Idaho June 30th, to take on their rivals the Capitol City Skull Crushers.

Halftime also spotlighted Humanities In Focus, a charity that exposes low-income individuals to a college-level humanities course. WRD donated 40% of the event’s proceeds to their cause. Learn more about them here.

As skaters resumed their positions on the track, tensions were clear.

Jamming and blocking for the Divas, The Instigator’s quick moves and strong leadership kept the Wheelers at bay and tightened up the score. 

Bruiser Ego and Crystal Brawl jamming for the Divas also raked in scoring passes despite aggressive tracking blows from HW blocker Fly Girl Mel. 

Diva blockers Chica Dolor, Burn’n’Nina, Trauma Girl, Liz Tailher, Stache Bot and LaunchPad McCrash landed solid hits on HW jammers setting up major blows for teammate Vulgar Vixen. Despite the Divas awesome teamwork, Wheeler blockers Ah Nah SheDidn’t, Margie Ram, Jane Accostin’, and Drew Fairywhore, kept back opponents while teammates Veronica Scars and Tsunami Bombshell slammed Diva jammers. 

Hotwheelers managed to hold their lead throughout the second half with multiple scoring passes by Vishus Trollop. A final power jam by BDD jammer Smack and Deckher kept the crowd screaming till the forth whistle. Final score 140-107, a hard-fought victory for the Hotwheelers!

Wasatch’s travel team, the Midnight Terror, head to California for a double-header weekend vs Silicon and Santa Cruz that could land them an invitation to this year’s WFTDA Western Regionals. July 14th, Wasatch Roller Derby hosts an all-day Derby Extravaganza. The day will include clinics for players and refs, scrimmage bouts, contests, BBQ and a movie premier that evening. Keep your eyes on for more details.


Congrats to Ah Nah SheDidn't on kicking ass in her first bout!

Also shout out to new league members Ringo Scarr and the Alexorcist! 

Thanks to all of the bout support and officials!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


We are happy to be Hosting a July 14th Derby Extravaganza!!!
Skater Clinics, Officiating Clinics, Scrimmages, Contests, Movie, BBQ

6:30pm Derby Baby Movie,
Concession will be available.

Our Skater Clinics will be run by Wasatch Roller Derby's Midnight Terror.
Our Officials Clinics will be run by our Level 3 WFTDA Certified Referees.
We Will have Skate Maintenance booth

***The scrimmage will be a sign up sheet with google docs.

Bring your friends and make a team or just jump on and play with 14 of your derby peeps for fun!!!!
Come out for the fun!!! 


Wrath of the Quads! Saturday June 9th

It's official, WRD is having another rad tailgate party before the bout. Let's eat, drink and talk derby while we get our pre-game jitters over with.

Who: Skaters, Refs, Non Skating Officials, Friends, Family, Fans, YOU! 
Where: Parking lot, just outside the Depot (1417S. 700W.)
Time: 3pm
What: Bring your fold out chairs and your grills and we can make some tasty grub, listen to some good tunes, and hang out!
The last one we had was actually really fun, and this Sat is supposed to be in the 80's so its perfect grillin' weather.
Feel free to post and share with friends and we'll see ya there.

Wasatch Roller Derby's home teams: the Hot Wheelers and the Black Diamond Divas, duke it out for Derby Depot Supremacy! 
So far The BDD are undefeated, and the Hot Wheelers are determined to change that. The action is going to be non-stop, and you won't want to miss it!

Tickets available for $10
OR $15 at the door the day of.
Kids 5 & under get in for FREE!!
All ages welcome

Tickets will cost $15 at the door the day of, buy earlier to save a few bucks. Doors to the event open at 6:00PM. Get there early to get good seats.

As always, please keep in mind that roller derby is a dangerous sport to play ~ and to watch! All trackside seating is for our 18 and over fans only, due to the chance of getting a flying derby girl in your lap!

Wasatch Roller Derby is a Non-Profit, Flat Track, Roller Derby League.
For this Bout we will be raising funds for Humanities in Focus
40% of proceeds will be donated to this wonderful organization. And we will spotlight them during our half-time.

***Join us for the After Party at Legends Pub and Grill, proud sponsor of Wasatch Roller Derby located at 677 S. 200 W. SLC
also All Ages.

Rosters include:


Bench coach: Le Tigre- Captain
Gunnin' Geisha
Drew Fairywhore
Jane Accostin'
Lacey Laceration
Margie Ram
Kick Sass
Ah Na She Didn't
Clam Jammer
Vishus Trollope
Veronica Tastrophe
Tsunami Bombshell
Veronica Scars
Nike A Go Go
Penny Slain
Colonel Skirts
Fly Grrl Mel

Black Diamond Divas

Skatey Gaga
Burn'n' Nina
The Instigator
Bruiser Ego
Vulgar Vixen
Punch Face Mama
Crystal Brawl
Spank E Ham
Chica Dolor
Pandora Doom
Medusa Damage
Bunz Bunny
LaunchPad McCrash
Liz Tailher
Harry Slaughter
Trauma Girl
Alie Kitten
Smack & Deckher
Stache Bot

BBC vs Portneuf Recap

Recap written by Margie Ram
Photographs Thanks to O'Durgy!

It was clear from the beginning this was going to be a blowout. Wasatch Roller Derby (WRD) was just coming off of a huge win last month that may allow them to squeeze into regionals. Pocatello's Portneuf Valley (PV) is still a fledgling apprentice league and had skated only two other educational yet thoroughly crushing inter-league bouts against teams that are no match for WRD. WRD's formidable B Team Bonneville Bonecrushers had the pleasure of trouncing the PV's Bruisers.

 WRD was pretty gracious in their annihilation. They were very kind in their gentle prodding and seemingly effortless ability to knock people down and get in the way. Not much of a battle, WRD employed their back four wall blue screen of defense and out came the three headed blocking monster. PV was dominated and controlled by WRD the entire time. The usual heavy hitters Vulgar Vixen and Bruiser Ego taking turns at target practice while the audience watched Vishus Trollope, Nike A Go-Go, Bunz Bunny, and Veronica Catastrophe lap the track over and over and over. 

Half time score 111 to 11. 
 There wasn't much difference in the second half. There were a lot of major penalties on both sides contributed to by PV's super newbie status. WRD continued to control the entire game. WRD's long-legged blocking goddess Tsunami Bombshell made a guest appearance on the jammer line. There was one tiny exciting moment when PV's Lou Dacrous Longstockings had PV's only scoring pass of the second half. The crowd reveled in her delight. The PV league remained happy and rose-cheeked the whole time. 

Their love of this game is clear and one couldn't help but sound a little cheer for PV to get just one more point. It was not meant to be as WRD stomped out any subsequent chances. Final Score 215 to 23, WRD domination. 

 What is happening with WRD right now is exciting. They have upset the rankings and garnered national attention. This league has something far greater than honed skill and core athleticism but a rare unity and cohesion that will surely win championships . 
Come out and see the WRD girls play each other in what will be a nail-biter. Hot Wheelers are thirsty for revenge and Black Diamond Divas are going to have fight to maintain their undefeated record. This Saturday, June 9th at 7 pm at The Derby Depot. 
 Portia Millet aka Margie Ram #526, Wasatch Roller Derby

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wasatch vs Treasure Valley A and B teams Recap

Recap by Mattthew Bergstrom
Photographs thanks to Jason O'Durgy!
Wasatch Roller Derby’s A and B teams put on two great shows Saturday night when they hosted the Treasure Valley Rollers of Boise, Idaho in a double-header bout.
The first bout of the night saw Wasatch’s A team, the Midnight Terror, continue their unbeaten streak with a big win over the Treasure Valley All Stars. The Idaho girls-in-green put up a hard fight in the beginning, scoring early. But ultimately, they were no match for MT’s finely honed derby machine.

 With a final score of 242 to 57, Midnight Terror continue their run to the 2012 Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Western Regionals.

After a brief pause in the action, Saturday night’s derby showdown continued when Wasatch’s B team, the Bonneville Bone Crushers, took on Treasure Valley’s B team. 

Unlike their more seasoned counterparts, these two teams had never faced each other on the flat track before. With a fresh roster and coming off a close loss to Billings, Montana, Magic City Rollers last month, the girls of BBC had a lot to prove.

It was apparent right off the bat that this new incarnation of the Bone Crushers was more in sync and better prepared to dominate the track. The bout started with back-to-back defense-defying jams from Wasatch’s Bunz Bunny and Lil’ n Gin. Before the end of the first half, Lil’ n Gin went on to land two 20-point jams.

A strong, tuned pack of blockers kept the Treasure Valley girls from putting many points on the board all night. And in one instance, when TVR managed to get lead, Bunz Bunny made a dash to close a half-track gap to catch the opposing jammer. Then, with a flick of her hip, Bunz sent the Idaho girl through the outside ref to meet the Wasatch fans sitting in track-side “suicide” seating. The bout also saw amazing jams from Wasatch’s Clam Jammer, Vishus Trollop and Penny Slain.

By the end of the bout, the Bonneville Bone Crushers sealed the victory with a 214 to 34 final score.